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Too cruel

Tuesday, 29th October, 2013

Savannah (5) feeds one of the rabbits her family rescued from a cardboard box at the rubbish tip at the weekend. Savannah (5) feeds one of the rabbits her family rescued from a cardboard box at the rubbish tip at the weekend.

By Erica Visser

In a hare-raising tale, four rabbits have been saved after being ditched at the garbage dump in a cardboard beer box at the weekend.

A family came across the animals by chance when they accidentally knocked over the Heineken box while dropping off their own rubbish.

The rabbits were found huddled together inside.

A couple of holes had been pierced in the box but it was riddled with droppings and no food or water had been left for them.

They took the rabbits home and will look after them until a responsible owner can be found.

One family member said that the rabbits, which were not yet fully grown, had “overheated and were dehydrated” but had improved by Sunday night.

BusyKids childcare is said to be taking one rabbit, but three males remain homeless.

“We found them on Sunday just after three o’clock,” the family member said.

“I don’t know if we would’ve found them if we hadn’t knocked over the box. There was also one underneath a log.”

The woman said that she could not comprehend the cruel act when there were services available, such as the RSPCA, to take in animals.

“I’m disappointed that it happened when there’s so many services available in town,” she said.

“It’s a silly thing for someone to do and I’m just hoping that this raises some awareness.”

The woman said that there had been a considerable amount of interest in the rabbits so far.

She reported the event on social media site Facebook on Sunday evening, resulting in an angry response from users.

The rabbits appear to be the ones that were advertised on a local buy, swap and sell website on Friday evening for $5 each.

Facebook users lashed out at the man who placed the advertisement. The BDT was unable to contact the person who posted the ad yesterday.

The incident comes less than six months after a baby goat was tossed into the “meat hole” at the tip and left to die before being saved by vet Guillaume Tabuteau.

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