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Vandals target small business

Monday, 4th November, 2013

olice suspect that the vandalism at Bali Secrets may be linked with an incident at Domino’s Pizza, where the front door (pictured) was smashed during a fight. olice suspect that the vandalism at Bali Secrets may be linked with an incident at Domino’s Pizza, where the front door (pictured) was smashed during a fight.

By Erica Visser

The owners of a local business will reluctantly invest in security cameras after the shop was targeted by vandals at the weekend.

Patrick and Sue Cuffe, who run Bali Secrets in Oxide Street, awoke to the unpleasant news early Saturday morning that a front window had been smashed overnight, exposing the store.

“Someone saw it early Saturday when they went to get their paper from the newsagency and rang Sue,” Mr Cuffe said.

“We were just sort of getting out of bed so it came as a shock.”

Mr Cuffe said that it was the first time that vandals had hit the business, which sells a range of genuine products from Bali.

However, he said that other stores nearby had experienced a run of bad luck.

“It was the first time for us but it has happened to the surrounding shops. The newsagent has had it seven or eight times, Bernels (Fish Market) next door have put shutters up.

“These things still continue to happen...when will it stop?”

Police suspect the incident may be linked with a fight between two males which occurred at 1am Saturday morning at nearby business, Domino’s Pizza.

An 18-year-old man alleged started the fight with a 20-year-old man and was issued with a ticket for offensive conduct in a public place.

Staff and CCTV cameras allegedly caught images of Dominos’ front door being smashed as the two men left the shop. 

“A large group of males milled around the business encouraging a fight. During the fight, part of the door was damaged as they were trying to get out,” a police spokesman said.

The trail of splattered blood led from Bali Secrets down past the nearby newsagency.

Mr Cuffe said that these common incidents could be avoided if City Council could access the money for public CCTV cameras in crime hotspots.

“Absolutely, I mean you can put up shutters and all the rest, but we’re definitely getting cameras,” he said.

“It’s a sad state of affairs, especially because we’re just a small business as are most, but you have to go to these lengths now.

“I just don’t think police have a big enough stick. It’s the creep effect from the do-gooders over the years.

“It’s like playing the game, ‘you say this and you’re going to get off’... Society has got too soft on people who do wrong.

“Ninety-nine per cent of people are great, trying to do the right thing making a living but it’s always a minority taking up a big amount of our law enforcements’ time and money.

“A broken window is a broken window- it’s the cost and the inconvenience to everyone else that’s significant.”

But Mr Cuffe said that the incident did not deter him from continuing trading in Broken Hill.

“I never live in fear,” he said.

Meanwhile, he is awaiting the outcome of police DNA testing on blood samples that were taken from the scene on Saturday.

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