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“Happy campers” set up on Holten Drive

Tuesday, 4th May, 2010

The happy campers of Holten Drive. The happy campers of Holten Drive.

Two “happy campers”
have been spotted
out near the Menindee
road, but their creators
are not the usual suspects.
It looked like the work
of The Phantom Gorilla
Artists, who have created
such displays as the Easter
Bunny on the Line of Lode
and the UFO near the airport.
But the artists said yesterday
that the two “campers”,
constructed out of
wire, buckets and support
poles, were not their creations.
A spokesman for the
Phantom Artists said
that although they were
not responsible this time,
they were nonetheless
“encouraging other people
to construct these displays
around town.”
The two figures, who
have been dubbed the
“happy campers”, can be
seen amongst the trees
on Holten Drive near the
Menindee road.

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