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Perilya Silent

Wednesday, 5th May, 2010

The Zinc lakes are apart of Broken Hill history The Zinc lakes are apart of Broken Hill history

Perilya still won’t say
anything about the future of
the Zinc Lakes. Yesterday
the Mayor joined local MP
John Williams and 1,700
locals in a call for clarity.
While on a media
assignment yesterday,
one of Perilya’s managers
told staff from the Barrier
Daily Truth that the future
of the lakes had nothing
to do with the BDT and
that it was none of our
Perilya’s comments
came following a number
of articles in the BDT
regarding concern from
residents about the future
of the lakes, which are a
popular spot for families,
weddings and days out.

About two weeks ago
the BDT asked the mining
company to respond to
concerns raised by the
Member for Murray-
Darling, John Williams,
that the Zinc Lakes might
Mr Williams had been
contacted by a number of
residents who had been
concerned the lakes might
close after they were told
they could not use the
lakes for their regular
Perilya told the BDT
they would be in touch
later because local mine
manager Andrew Lord
was out of town. The
company said Mr Lord
would contact the BDT
when he returned at the
end of last week.
Perilya has still refused
to comment except to say
that the future of the Zinc
Lakes was none of the
BDT’s business.
But Mayor Wincen Cuy
said the lakes were important
to city and that
Perilya should be more
open about the issue.
“The community has
some obligation to know
what is going on,” he said.
“If that (comment is)
fact I mean it’s quite obvious
we need to make sure
that communication is
both ways.”
Shortly after the BDT
stories ran, a page dedicated
to saving the Zinc
Lakes began on the social
networking site,
The page, “Broken Hill
Zinc Lakes please don’t
close it”, had 1,312 supporters
on Friday but now
it has more than 1,700.
Mr Williams said the
Facebook page was a
clear indication of the
strong desire to keep the
lakes open.
While Mayor Cuy
acknowledged that the
lakes were now owned by
Perilya he said they were a
community asset and the
company should explain
themselves to the public.
“I think they have a
position they will probably
release in the future,”
he said.
“We would like to
know it and the community
would like to know.
“At the end of the day it
is Perilya’s property -
inside my business I call
the shots. I understand
what they’re saying - but
it is a community asset
that they have control
“We need to work in
unison. When they’re
ready to talk we’re ready
to sit down and talk.

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