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Council’s going to the dogs

Thursday, 14th November, 2013

By Emily Roberts

Broken Hill shouldn’t need a registration drive for pets to be registered, according to a local vet.

In an aim to educate people about the importance of registering their dogs, City Council is holding a door knock to see if residents have registered their dogs.

Local veterinarian Guillaume Tabuteau said getting dogs registered and micro-chipped is a basic thing.

“It shouldn’t be hard to do, but people even struggle to microchip their dogs,” Dr Tabuteau said.

“If you lose your dogs and you want to get them back, having them registered and micro-chipped will make that easier.

“Even if they had a philosophical disagreement with registering, they should have a moral wish to have their dog identified as their own.”

Dr Tabuteau said there shouldn’t be a need to push registration.

“One would think residents didn’t need to be encouraged to register their dogs,” he said.

“But if some people can’t even register their cars, what hope do dogs have?”

Council’s Manager of Sustainability, Peter Oldsen, said since the announcement of this program over 1200 registrations have occurred.

“It has increased by about 1200 since the program was announced, which is encouraging,” he said.

Registering dogs allows animal control to be able to manage lost or stray dogs much more effectively and efficiently, returning dogs to their rightful owners and avoiding putting dogs in the pound.

Dog owner, Michelle Moore registered her five-month old puppy after receiving a reminder letter.

“We registered him for six months and will do it again once he is desexed,” Ms Moore said.

“I would have done it anyway. I knew someone who had lost their dog and went to the pound.

“They were fined for not having their dog registered.”

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