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City a good model: Cuy

Wednesday, 5th May, 2010

More than 270 people from across NSW are in the city to discuss the changing economy. More than 270 people from across NSW are in the city to discuss the changing economy.

Broken Hill was being
used by other towns as a
case study in economic
diversification, according
to mayor Wincen
While attending the
Community Economic
Development Conference,
which began in the city
yesterday, Mayor Cuy
said the city’s economic
diversification was a
good model for other
communities to follow.
“They are taking us as
a case model. We have
art, film, mining and
we’re even diversifying
into renewable (energy),”
Mayor Cuy said.
“But (the conference)
also gives us a chance
to learn how to manage
economic change for the
More than 270 delegates
from around NSW have
descended on the city for
the three-day conference
where the changing
economic, cultural and
environmental factors
affecting communities in
NSW will be discussed.
Opening the event, the
NSW Minister for State and
Regional Development, Ian
Macdonald, acknowledged
the city’s liveability, the
rich mining knowledge
and unique geographical
and elemental factors, and
said it was a perfect choice
for the conference.
“The city has a long
mining history and a
thriving artistic and
Indigenous community
and has a fast growing
tourism industry.”
The conference includes
discussions on business
trends, attracting new
residents and positive
Mr Cuy said the event
would not only share
knowledge and ideas, but
would pump hundreds of
thousands of dollars into
the economy and promote
the city through word of
“It’s great for the
economy. The minister
estimates that between
$150,000 and $170,000
will go to the Broken Hill
economy in the next few
days,” Mr Cuy said.
“But more important,
and importantly long term,
people will be talking
about our city - that is
just as important as capital
Mr Cuy said he was
approached on Monday
by a 70-year-old man who
said he had always wanted
to visit Broken Hill.
“He said to me ‘I’ve
been walking all around
the town and I love it. I
called my wife and said
we’re coming to Broken
Hill for a week’.
“He said ‘you’ve looked
after this city’.

“It’s got something
special about it and people
appreciate it.
“We’re lucky that we’ve
had some really good
councils in the past that
have looked after our
heritage and make sure we
have that going forward.”

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