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Price rise petition

Thursday, 6th May, 2010

Local resident Phyl Trevilyan in MP John Williams' office signing a petition asking the State Government to scale back its exorbitant electricity prices Local resident Phyl Trevilyan in MP John Williams' office signing a petition asking the State Government to scale back its exorbitant electricity prices

Local residents are
being urged to sign a
petition urging the State
Government to scale
back its enormous electricity
price rises.
The petition comes as
prices are set to rise by
around 42 per cent over
the next three years to help
pay for network upgrades
and expansions.
The increase will see
Country Energy customers
paying an extra $918 per
year by 2013 for their
The rise will force more
people to go without basic
necessities and lead to an
increase in the homeless
rate, according to State
MP John Williams.
Local resident Phyl
Trevilyan agreed.
The pensioner said that
while she would struggle
to pay the extra cost, she
felt sorry for those who
were in an even worse
financial position.
“There’s a lot of elderly
people that won’t be able
to afford it,” she said.
“I feel sorry for pensioners
who don’t really
have anything.”
Mr Williams, who has
launched the petition, said
the NSW Government
approved the increase
despite knowing it would
hurt the most vulnerable.
“This is bad news for
those who are already
struggling to afford basic
utilities and cannot afford
even a small increase in
their electricity, gas or
water bill,” he said.
“The number of pensioners,
small businesses,
landholders, families and
low income earners who
are vulnerable will
increase significantly, and
the number of people
going without basics such
as medication, heating,
cooling and even food, is
going to increase dramatically.
“This is an issue of
major concern, particularly
for residents relying on
an aged pension who
require medication and are
struggling to exist on what
they currently receive.”
Mr Williams said the
number of homeless people
in NSW would
increase as a result of the
“2006 data shows there
were more than 27,000
homeless NSW residents
with 632 homeless residents
in the Southern side
of the Murray-Darling
electorate and 185 residents
from the Northern
side of the Murray-
Darling electorate.
“While the Murray-
Darling electorate is large,
we make up less than 0.5
per cent of the NSW population
yet hold more than
3 per cent of the State’s
homeless and this number
will increase as more and
more individuals simply
can not afford rent, food or
“Even the charities that
assist the vulnerable will
be hit hard by the increase
because they already
struggle to support those
in need and the number of
people needing assistance
will increase significantly
as a result of this electricity
Mr Williams urged all
locals to show their support
and sign the petition,
which has been circulated
across the electorate
including Council and
Shire offices.
“We request that the
NSW Government reverse
the approval to increase
electricity costs and we
demand IPART review
these increases to electricity
prices so they are more
Copies of the petition
are available at Mr
Williams’ office in
Bromide Street, and any
individuals or groups who
wish to help collect signatures
may contact his
office on (08) 80873315.

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