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Heavy sand-laden truck rolls, spills diesel

Friday, 22nd November, 2013

Firefighters at the accident site yesterday morning. Firefighters at the accident site yesterday morning.

By Nick Gibbs

A driver was lucky to escape serious injury after his truck carrying a load of sand overturned at the intersection of Pinnacles and Kanandah roads about 9.15am yesterday.

Senior Constable Russell Smith said the driver, a Mildura man, was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries before being released a short time later.

He said heavy vehicle inspectors had been notified of the incident but it was too early to speculate on possible causes.

“Inquiries into the cause of the incident are currently under investigation,” he said.

Firefighters worked into the afternoon to stop diesel entering local waterways.

Broken Hill Fire Station Officer Scott Parker explained the role local fire fighters played during the incident.

“Our first priority was to stem the flow of diesel from the leaking tank while making sure the second tank was secure,” he said.

“From there it was a matter of decanting the fuel from the first tank by hand and safely removing it from the scene.”

Fire Station Officer Parker praised the efforts of local employees from Atlas Copco who were first on the scene.

“We really appreciate their quick action,” he said.

Brett Lonergan from Atlas Copco said he and fellow employees Drew Pascoe and Tim Mercer helped to reduce the risk posed by the spilled diesel.

“We had the spill kits ready to go in the workshop and were able to barricade the diesel while starting the clean up,” he said.

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