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Heat’s on for all creatures great and small

Friday, 29th November, 2013

A big red kangaroo enjoys a drink near Milparinka. PICTURE: Ruth Sandow A big red kangaroo enjoys a drink near Milparinka. PICTURE: Ruth Sandow

There has been little relief from the heat in the past few days ... every man and his kangaroo has been feeling it.

Ruth Sandow - property owner and contributor to the Facebook Page “Corner Country” - said it had become more difficult for native and domestic animals to find water up north.

“I took this photo on Theldarpa Station, west of Milparinka,” she told her Facebook readers, commenting on the photo of a big kangaroo enjoying a rare drink.

“All this area is tinkering on the brink of a drought declaration ... animals like this fellow are under a lot of stress.

“He wasn’t backward about lapping a few mouthfuls off the surface of the ground when water flowed freely from a pipeline.”

Even the spiders are feeling the heat. Local photographer Beth Garland took this shot yesterday of a golden orb.

“No shade from today’s heat for what is probably the most-photographed golden orb spider in Broken Hill,” Beth said.

“She’s at the airport and most people stop and take a photo with their phone as they pass her.

“She is now a fraction of her former size, having apparently laid her eggs.”

Shade has been high on the agenda for all walks of life over the last couple of days as the maximum temperature pushed 40 degrees.

Locals seeking relief have got their wish today as a cool change moves through, dropping the forecast high back to 26.

After a short reprieve, the mercury is set to climb once again early next week with Monday and Tuesday expected to hit 39 degrees.

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