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MDBA:Lakes release to rise

Friday, 29th November, 2013

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority is to release more water from the Menindee Lakes, starting on Monday.

Over about five days, the release will be increased to about 2,400 megalitres a day downstream of Weir 32 and will reach a peak of 3,400 ML/day by mid-December. 

Peak river heights will be around 2.3 metres at Weir 32, the authority said.

Then, from around December 20, the flow will be gradually reduced to around 2,500 ML/day (2.1m at Weir 32) by mid-January, it said. 

The purpose is to transfer water to the Murray River to meet demands over summer. 

“The pattern of flow is aimed at minimising inconvenience for downstream landholders while providing benefits to the riverine environment,” the authority said.

“Water from Lake Menindee will be used as much as possible to preserve water in lakes Wetherell and Pamamaroo in order to meet longstanding obligations to provide for the security of Broken Hill’s water supply. “

An Essential Energy spokeswoman said the MDBA was “doing what is necessary to meet their obligations to provide a secure water supply to Broken Hill.”

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