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Central demolish West

Monday, 10th May, 2010

The above heading is nearly
the same as the first encounter
of the season between these
two teams. The only difference
is that on Saturday, West were
defeated by a further 43 points
with Central kicking 31-14 (200)
to West 2-2 (14).
It was a game which didn’t
reach great heights. As the score
indicates, it was all Central. They
had first use of the ball, three to
four players around a contest,
numerous goal kickers, did what
they wanted when they wanted,
and pushed the West players
aside on most occasions.
The only player that stood his
ground against bigger opponents
was the West dynamo Nick
Aguis. He was easily West’s best
with good skills and hard ball
John Blore, Darren Zanette
and Dion Ferguson were under
immense pressure all match and
tried their hardest.
Central just did what they
wanted with Jamie Berg kicking
seven goals, Brad Mannion, who
played half forward, kicking six
and dangerous forwards Wade
Gepp (2) and Ben Perkins (3)
adding to the tally.
Central are a very good side
but not unbeatable, as West
seemed to think. Central just
seemed to power on, whether
from Jackson McInnes, Justin
Heath or Brenton Zanette.
When West did go forward, if
the ball wasn’t delivered properly
to one particular forward he
refused to chase or even try to
get the ball back; you won’t win
games with this sort of attitude.
In the first half Central led by
66 points but the second quarter
was West’s best as they manned
up strongly in the backlines and
limited Central to 3-6.
But after half time it was all
Central. They kicked 21 goals
and it was mentioned that fillin
Manager Darren Larkin had
added something to their drinks.
In the second quarter Jamie
Berg kicked his first goal, adding
another six in the second half.
It was a just a complete
avalanche of goals by Central
who kicked them under very
little pressure and gave West no
chance of scoring.
Central will play North next
week. The Bulldogs will have
their backs against the wall after
their defeat by South, and we
know what a Bulldog is like
when he is cornered.
West need to keep trying to
improve in whatever way they
Central 7-2 10-8 19-11 31-14
West 0-1 0-2 1-2 2-2 (14)
Best Players:
Central - B Camilleri, J
McInnes, J Heath, B Mannion,
J Berg, J Paull, J Carapellotti, B
West - N Agius, J Blore, D
Central - J Berg 7, B Mannion
6, B Perkins 3, B Camilleri 3, J.
Mc Innes 3, W Gepp 2, J Keenan
2, J Carapellotti, J Paull, J Mc
Clure, B Zanette, M Goodlet.
West - B Malthouse, J Blore.
B Grade:
Central 14-13 d West 2-2.

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