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Female drivers put men in the shade

Wednesday, 15th January, 2014

Motorist John Brooks renewed his licence for half the cost as a reward for being a safe driver. Motorist John Brooks renewed his licence for half the cost as a reward for being a safe driver.

By Erica Visser

New figures have shown that local women are safer drivers than men.

The proof comes from the NSW Government’s ‘Fair Go for Safe Drivers’ incentive scheme, which rewards motorists for obeying the law.

Since the scheme began in July last year, almost 4000 drivers in the Murray-Darling Electorate have been rewarded with half price drivers’ licence renewals for having an unblemished record for five or more years.

Three hundred and fifty-seven more women were given half price licences than men and State MP John Williams told the BDT he wasn’t surprised, as men generally take greater risks.

“Dangerous, selfish and stupid behaviour on our roads kills or injures hundreds of people each year,” he said.

“We all know that slowing down on the roads could save your life - it can also save you money.

“More women than men are being rewarded for their safe driving. The figures show 2,156 women in the Murray-Darling Electorate have received the discounted licence while 1,799 men have done so.”

The discount is available regardless of how many years you renew your licence for, but doesn’t apply to pensioners who already receive their licence for free.

“It’s our way of saying thank-you to motorists who do the right thing and encouraging better driving behaviour in others,” Mr Williams said.

“Over the holiday period police will be out in force, targeting drink and drug driving, speeding, fatigue, seatbelt use, mobile-phone use and other types of dangerous driving.”

Motorist John Brooks was “pleasantly surprised” when he was told he would pay half-price to renew his licence for five years.

“I already had the right money counted out ready to go so I was surprised when they told me it would cost me a lot less,” Mr Brooks said.

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