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Banners sending wrong message

Wednesday, 15th January, 2014

This photo was taken on December 10 and the banner is still there a month later. This photo was taken on December 10 and the banner is still there a month later.

A local woman is outraged by the condition of decoration banners in Patton Street.

Essential Energy installed and sponsored the decorative banners that feature on telegraph poles around the city.

A South resident said she was disgusted to see damaged banners left in Patton Street.

“It is absolute crap that it is still hanging there when Christmas banners were installed in December and a damaged one was left opposite Bell’s Milk Bar,” she said.

“There was another one, but it fell down and was left out the front of the laundromat. It’s been moved now, I think someone may have put it in the bin.”

The resident said this wasn’t the first time the banners had been allowed to go into disrepair.

“I’ve spoken to some other residents and they said Patton Street always gets left out,” she said.

“Bell’s is quite a popular tourist stop and it’s not good advertising for Broken Hill.

“We’re always forgotten out here.”

A spokesman from the Patton Village Committee said they organised to have the banners put in place.

They were funded through the Broken Hill Community Inc. and a number of other sponsors, the spokesman said.

“We haven’t arranged to get the damaged banners down,” he said.

“They were put up at the end of 2012.

“It is a fairly big cost and a lot to ask (Essential Energy).”

The spokesman said there had been no decision to take the banners down.

“It is a good time to think about doing it - they were meant to look good, not bad,” he said.

The banners were put in place and there was a hope they would last a number of years.

“It was the wind that damaged the banners, they were originally set up to stay for a couple of years,” the spokesman said.

He said Essential Energy were very supportive in putting them up.

“If anyone has any ideas on how to make Patton Village look better please contact us,” the spokesman said.

“We are interested in hearing any ideas people may have.”

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