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Perilya should look at rail option: ALP

Tuesday, 18th May, 2010

The local Australian Labor Party branch said Perilya should consider other options when it comes to truck movements from the Potosi mine.

The branch had its monthly meeting to discuss regional issues on Sunday.

Yesterday the party commented on Perilya’s intent to run B-double trucks carrying ore from the Potosi mine, north of the city, to the South Operations concentrator. “We’re not here to tell Perilya how to run their business,” local ALP president Neville Gasmier said. “We are just promoting the use of a rail road that already exists that leads straight to the concentrator.”

The party would like to see other transportation options considered.They believe the use of rail roads would be more beneficial to the community.The development application to restart the Potosi mine, which is open for public comment at City Council, states Perilya wishes to run a maximum of 108 B-double trucks through Broken Hill to the South mine.

Despite “conflicting figures”, Neville Gasmier said the figure in the DA will mean Perilya did intend to use up to 108 B-double trucks over 24 hours. “There’s a risk to the tourism industry,” he said. “The railway is there for use.” The party has also thrown its support behind the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, whom they believe is being targeted by the media.

The ALP supports the recent health reforms with Mr Gasmier saying “anything that has a benefit to the health of Broken Hill”. The Labor Party also supports the Resources Super Tax. 
Mr Gasmier said the party would like to see more of the profits going back into the community. The government’s proposed Resources Super Profit Tax would see big mining companies pay a 40 per cent tax on their profits. Mining royalties, which companies now pay to state governments, would be reimbursed while the resources tax would fund an increase in compulsory superannuation payments, create an infrastructure fund and cut company tax.

The local Labor party believe shareholders don’t receive a lot of dividends and this way the money will go back into infrastructure. The local Labor branch supports council’s endeavors to ensure the city receives a fair share of any future mining royalties. The local branch acknowledged the working partnerships it has with the local unions and Barrier Industrial Council.

Any one wishing to join the Labor party can contact Neville Gasmier or Marion Browne.

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