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Mayor's trucks u-turn

Thursday, 20th May, 2010

Mining company Perilya has copped backlash for plans to send 108 B-Double Trucks around town Mining company Perilya has copped backlash for plans to send 108 B-Double Trucks around town

Mayor Wincen Cuy has conceded that Perilya's development application does request permission to run up to 108 trucks daily from a restarted Potosi mine.

Mr Cuy told ABC radio on Monday that he and other councillors were told in a Perilya briefing that the company wanted to run about one truck per hour from the mine to the Southern Operations.
He also said that he did not know where the "100" truck figure had come from.
The comments came after Perilya's managing director Paul Arndt last week told ABC Radio that a suggestion it wanted to move more than 100 trucks per day, as highlighted by the BDT, was "nonsense".
Despite the BDT seeking clarification from Perilya on a number of occasions the company still refuses to say anything other than that their comment is "no comment".
Mr Arndt's claim directly contradicts Perilya's Potosi mine development application, lodged with City Council and which closed for public comment yesterday.
It seeks approval to move on average of 48 B-double trucks per 24 hour period, and no more than 108 B-doubles per 24 hour period, seven days per week.
Mayor Cuy yesterday admitted the DA did contain a request to run as many as 108 B-double trucks in a day.
"The 108 is in Perilya's DA but there are issues to be clarified before this comes before Council's deliberation such as RTA, EPA and all the other governing and regulatory bodies," he said.
"It's up to 108 trucks per day during peak production."
Perilya said it wants to use road transport to cart ore from Potosi as it would be cheaper and quicker than the alternatives.
The company said the railway line from the North mine to the South was not up to standard and that there was not enough room on the tracks to make it viable.
They also said building a haulage road around the city would be too expensive, too time consuming and would result in traffic using it as an unofficial bypass "imposing unreasonable road maintenance costs on Perilya".
The mayor said that no Council decision would be made until all the usual steps in considering and approving a DA had been taken, including consideration by each of the city's councillors.
"Public submissions are a major input into this whole process," Mr Cuy said.
"Each individual councillor will make up their own mind based on the evidence provided to them at the time."
Mr Cuy also moved to silence critics who accused him of not living on the proposed trucking route and therefore not being able to understand their frustrations.
"This will affect me to some extent because I actually own a motel on Argent Street," he said.
Potosi is under care and maintenance but if reopened would produce around 400,000 of tonnes of ore per year for four to five years.

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