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Tourism jolt tipped as bookings mount

Monday, 3rd March, 2014

St Pat’s Race Club President Margaret Corradini hopes the Silver City’s premier race meeting will provide the trigger to revitalise the local tourism market.

“The city needs a boost a bit of a positive kick if you like and if St Pat’s can generate that all the better,” Mrs Corradini said.

“We need visitors to stay a few nights, spend their dollars and visit our many attractions.

“The whole period surrounding St Pat’s really does give Broken Hill a huge buzz and with less than 14 days to go I feel it starting to build.”

Club CEO Deanne Lyall said bookings and enquiries were “well up on last year”.

“We sold out the Gary Radford Pavilion two weeks ago even though we had increased the number of people in there from 350 to 400.”

The club had allocated three picnic sites but they have also sold out so a decision was made on the weekend to increase this area.

“The first two sites hold 360 people each while our third site has been dedicated to corporate clients and our new-look bar area, but this is now full so we have decided to open up a fourth picnic site for the general public.”

Mrs Lyall said tickets for the Green Room were now starting to sell as people who missed out on their first choice areas were looking at other options.

Mrs Corradini said the response has been a boost for the Race Club as the economic uncertainty surrounding the City was causing some concern.

“To be honest we were concerned on a few fronts,” she said.

“The Registered Clubs have been fantastic for St Pat’s since we first raced in 1966 and to see some of them struggling did worry us.”

“They are our major race sponsors and have supported us not only financially but stood by us when we had two meetings washed out.”

Mrs Corradini said she urged local people to support the clubs as they do so much for the community.

“Not just St Pat’s but so many groups and organisations benefit from the clubs it is important we all give a bit back to help them.”

Nominations close in seven days before final acceptances are declared three days later.

“The social side of the event is tracking well,” Mrs Corradini said.

“We have the fashion parade on Wednesday night which is always very popular then we can start looking at our fields.”

“Most of our regular trainers have already booked horses for stabling but by early next week we should have a clearer picture.”

The St Pat’s office in Crystal Street is now fully staffed and open for bookings.

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