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Max fan builds a museum piece

Friday, 21st May, 2010

George Kritty and his evil Mad Max car. George Kritty and his evil Mad Max car.

A die-hard fan of the Mad Max movies has built a replica of the original "evil" car and has added it to the museum in Silverton.

The museum, owned and run by Silverton local Adrian Bennett, will house the car indefinitely.
The Ford Landau was replicated by Sydney man George Kritty who said that it cost him more than $5000 to build.
"When I came out of the first Mad Max, I said 'what a film!'" Mr Kritts said.
"The characters were amazing and the cars themselves were also the characters."
It took Mr Kritty two years to get the parts, some of which he had shipped from the US.
"The detail is not 100 per cent but it's pretty close," he said.
For the last couple of days, the car has been parked outside the Silverton pub, and is already a hit with locals, many stopping by to take photos and have a look.
Mr Kritty is also looking forward to the fourth edition of the Mad Max series.
"I'm really looking forward to it, but it's a shame they couldn't get Mel Gibson back.
Mr Kritty now has plans to replicate another of the film's cars, but this time he says it will be one of the "goody's" cars.

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