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New booklet offers help to partners

Thursday, 13th March, 2014

A new booklet provides information and advice for the partners of women with breast cancer. A new booklet provides information and advice for the partners of women with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) has produced a new booklet to help the partners of people diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kerri Baker, a BCNA Community Liaison and member of the Broken Hill Breast Cancer Support Group, said it will provide valuable support. 

“Following a diagnosis of breast cancer there is a lot of information available for women, and even some about how to tell your children. But there is very little support or information for partners,” Ms Baker said. 

BCNA’s new booklet ‘I wish I could fix it’: Supporting your partner through breast cancer’ includes information treatments, how partners can support the woman diagnosed, and tips to deal with some of the common challenges. 

The booklet also includes information resources and counselling services available to partners.

The booklet has been included in the BCNA’s My Journey Kit.

Maxine Morand, CEO of Breast Cancer Network Australia, said it’s normal for partners to feel overwhelmed when the woman they love is diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Women often tell us that they feel shock, fear and uncertainty when diagnosed with breast cancer. We know that partners of women can experience similar feelings.

“Many partners tell us that their biggest fear, at least at first, is that they may lose the person they love.” 

Ms Baker said she hoped the booklet would be helpful to people in Broken Hill.

“I hear from women in our community that their partners don’t how to deal with their diagnosis and, unlike women, generally don’t want to talk about how they are feeling. 

“I hope this new booklet will help them to get through what will be a difficult time not only for their partner, but also for them and their family,” she said.

(To download a free copy of the booklet go to: www.bcna.org.au/store/products/i-wish-i-could-fix-it-supporting-your-partner-through-breast-cancer.

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