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Trip ruined

Tuesday, 18th March, 2014

South Australian resident Jenny Beer had her weekend ruined when her handbag and $1,000 was stolen. South Australian resident Jenny Beer had her weekend ruined when her handbag and $1,000 was stolen.

By Emily Roberts

 A weekend away for Jenny Beer was turned upside down when her handbag and $1,000 was stolen.

Jenny, her husband and a group of friends were staying at the Broken Hill Tourist Park on Rakow Street.

She is from the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

“We drove from Adelaide, we hired a bus and 12 of us travelled to Broken Hill,” she said.

“A few from our group have never been to Broken Hill before, so we thought it might make a fun trip.”

On Friday night, all of the group were in one cabin.

“We were all sitting and chatting in our cabin,” she said.

“It was a warm night, so we opened the windows in the cabin.

“I checked my phone at 9pm and put it in my bag. I put my bag on the bed in the bedroom.

“Then when we (my husband and I) went to bed at 10.30pm, my bag was missing.

“Someone had cut a section of the fly screen out of the window.”

Jenny said the bedroom and lounge room were only a few metres apart.

“I had no idea having the windows open would lead to this,” she said.

“I had $1,000 which we got out for the races, I had my jewellery and make-up as well as my phone and cards all in my handbag.

“Luckily, whoever broke in didn’t see my husband’s wallet.”

Not having a phone is causing some problems for Jenny.

“I have very sick and elderly parents who will probably be trying to get in contact with me and I’m worrying about that.

“I will offer a reward. I just want my phone and bag back.”

Mayor Wincen Cuy said it was very disappointing that people would make an opportunity of a busy time in Broken Hill.

“Thieves don’t have a conscience, they are taking advantage of people who are here for a festive reason,” he said.

“They will strike at the most opportunistic time.”

Mayor Cuy said caravan parks often have good policies regarding this issue.

“Both caravan parks advise people not to leave anything valuable lying around, whether you are in the caravan or not. The local police also encourage that.

“I think this is a timely warning. As we come into a prime time for tourism it is a good warning for the industry.

“Keep notifying your guests to keep their valuables on them or well concealed.”

Jenny said the theft had ruined her weekend.

“This really put a dampener on my weekend. We were having such a good time.

“The staff at shops around the city were all lovely and we were looking forward to the St Pat’s races.

“The staff at the caravan park were helpful. I think they just need to upgrade security.

“I did see someone walk past and they looked in the cabin. The sensor light wasn’t working so we’re not sure if someone had disabled it.”

Jenny and her friends looked everywhere for her bag.

“We reported the incident to the police, then we looked at the child centre next door and we walked through the cemetery looking for my bag.

“Police said this hadn’t happened for a couple of months but it had happened in the past.”

If anyone has any information please contact Jenny on 8556 0162.

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