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Snakes invade local pools

Tuesday, 25th March, 2014

Adam Huxley with the slippery specimen in a jar. Adam Huxley with the slippery specimen in a jar.

By Emily Roberts

Small snakes are being found in some backyard pools.

Adam Huxley, who manages maintenance business ‘Out the back, tree and gardens’, said he has come across many snakes, but was surprised to find them in pools.

“I do yard work, pool cleaning and maintenance,” he said.

“I’ve been doing this for about two years, during that time I have come across snakes pretty regularly.”

In the last two weeks, Adam has come across two snakes in two separate pools.

“It is surprising to see them in the pool,” he said.

“The snakes I have found are quite small, so I think the suction has pulled them into the skimmer basket and they couldn’t get out.

“The snake I found last week wasn’t alive, but the most recent one was.

“I grabbed a big stick to pull it out and stood well out of the way.”

Adam said he has seen a lot more snakes than usual.

Local snake catcher Wayne Singleton said these snakes were called The Port Lincoln snake.

“They are adult snakes and when fully mature can grow up to 40cm,” he said.

“All snakes are venomous in some form or fashion, but for these snakes to kill you the chances are very slim, unless you are allergic.

“Like with bees you have to be stung to find out whether you’re allergic or not.”

Wayne said these snakes won’t do much harm.

“They are looking for water and food, they live on geckos and find them in garden beds and under rocks,” he said.

“The snakes have probably wandered around and fell in the pool.

“They might have been a bit curious, dropped in and couldn’t get back out.”

Wayne said locals can expect to see more snakes during the next few months.

“There will be snakes around for the next couple of months,” he said.

“Around May or the end of May, snakes go into hibernation.

“A lot people think hot weather brings snakes out, snakes die in hot weather.

“A good temperature for snakes is 28 degrees up to 32 degrees.”

Snakes are out and about for food and water.

“They come out in the morning, suck up some sun rays, find feed and go back underground.”

Wayne said despite these snakes being small - you shouldn’t play with snakes at all.

“Locals can call me anytime, that’s no problem, even if you just want to ask questions. I am quite happy to answer any questions.

“I want to try and get rid of any fears people have.”

Wayne also suggested as it cools down to clean up back yards.

“Winter is coming on now, I would advise locals to clean their yard up and get ready for next year,” he said.

“I suggest do it now or within the next couple of months, but still take precautions.

“Snakes do like warm spots and can hide in sheds.”

For more information call Wayne on 0423 920 370.

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