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Heartless thief swipes cash tin

Monday, 7th April, 2014

Karen Ball reviewing security video footage yesterday. Karen Ball reviewing security video footage yesterday.

By Michael Murphy

A community volunteer raising cash to help keep young people out of jail had her donation tin stolen from the bar at the Rising Sun Hotel.

Karen Ball, who also works at the pub as a bartender, was scouring days of security camera footage yesterday in a bid to nab the heartless thief.

“I’d been passing the tin around since St Pat's race weekend, and the generosity had been overwhelming,” Karen said yesterday, estimating the tin contained well over $400 when it was swiped.

“Most of the time, with every beer bought, people have put their change in there.

“I came back to the pub on Friday after being away and I noticed it was gone.”

Karen said she reported it to police on Friday night after the PCYC disco, and they told her that if she found footage of it, they would follow it up.

Yesterday, Karen began reviewing footage between March 27 and April 4. 

She also appealed for help with her investigation, especially if it helped narrow her search for the offender.

She said people can contact the pub and speak with her or leave a message, and she would keep all information confidential.

Karen had been raising money for the PCYC’s Time4Kids initiative, which kicks off this week.

Volunteers do time in mock jail cells to help raise funds for their local PCYC. The mock cells will be set up in the Town Square this Wednesday and Saturday, from 10am to 2pm.

The volunteers have to raise money as “bail” to get out of their jail cell.

“And some lowlife goes and steals it ... I hope they get time for it,” Karen said.

The theft at the pub was the second of a charity tin this year.

A tin collecting money for the Leukaemia Foundation was stolen from the Red Robin Deli late in February.

In that theft, a woman distracted staff while a man picked up the tin and put it into his bag, along with a few Wagon Wheels.

The pair were caught on security cameras, and the woman even “danced a little jig” underneath one of them before leaving the store.

No one has been charged.

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