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New era begins

Friday, 11th April, 2014

United will play their first game since 1997 in a trial match against Menindee this weekend. United will play their first game since 1997 in a trial match against Menindee this weekend.

By Darrin Manuel

Months of hard work and preparation will be put into practice this weekend when 

United lines up for its first game of Rugby League in almost 20 years.

United was reformed and accepted back into the local competition in February this year after folding in 1997.

The team will take on the Eagles in a trial game at Menindee at 1.30pm Sunday, and club president Harry Prescott said the players were eager to see how they shape up.

“They’re all pumped. They’re really, really keen,” said Mr Prescott.

“They’ve been training since late January, so they’re fit, but there’s nothing like going out and getting tackled to sort out just how fit you really are.

“The Eagles are going to be a formidable opponent. They’ve been in the league for a few seasons now and it’s only our first one back.

“The coach Michael Thornberry has done a great job to get this bunch of young guys together in such a short time and get them to the level they are now.”

Mr Prescott said the game would provide a variety of benefits for the team, and also give a hint of how they might fare in the competitive arena.

“We’ll work out our combinations, see how they gel as a team, and also how the players travel.

“In the competition we have to travel to Menindee and Wilcannia quite a bit, and people think it’s nothing but it can be a big factor.”

Regardless of the result on Sunday, Mr Prescott said United would continue grow as a club throughout the season.

“As a club we’re going along nicely since our acceptance back into the league in February.

“We’ve had great support locally through different organisations and companies, and they’ve helped us get to where are at this moment.

“We’re slowly building and we’ve got a roster of about 20 players, but we’re always looking for more.”

Anyone wishing to join United can attend a training session at Bill Renfrew Oval, behind the West Football Club, at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

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