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Slippery guest

Friday, 11th April, 2014

The little Mulga snake that gave a local a shock. The little Mulga snake that gave a local a shock.

BDT employee Hayley Jewitt had the shock of her life when she came home from work.

A 10-inch Mulga snake was in her lounge room.

“I finished work and my son was in the lounge room. He screamed out that there was a snake,” Hayley said.

She said she came in and saw their cat playing with it.

“It was a bit stunned, so it didn’t move anywhere too quickly.”

Eventually she put a bowl over the snake and called snake catcher Wayne Singleton.

“Wayne was able to come over quickly and get the snake, which was good because otherwise we would have been sleeping outside,” Hayley said.

“This is the first snake I have seen inside my house.

“I was worried about my kids and the cat.”

Wayne said the snake was a hatchling.

“Mulga snakes are venomous and can grow to three metres in length,” he said.

“They are the 18th most venomous snake in the world.”

He said he was glad the snake was under the bowl.

“Because of its size, I might have struggled to catch it if it went under or behind the furniture.”

Anyone who finds a snake can call Wayne on 0423 920 370.

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