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Couple celebrates best union of all

Monday, 14th April, 2014

Joe and Dianne DeBono celebrate 60 years of marriage today. Joe and Dianne DeBono celebrate 60 years of marriage today.

By Andrew Robertson

They’ve enjoyed success in small business but Joe and Dianne DeBono also know a thing or two about the business of marriage. 

It’s an astonishing 60 years today since their union at St Mary’s Church in Gypsum Street on a rainy Saturday afternoon. 

But to Dianne it feels like only yesterday when she was walking down the aisle to begin a life-long journey with her young mine-working beau. 

“I don’t feel like I’ve been married 60 years,” Dianne said.

“The day we married it was raining and they used to say if it was raining on your wedding day it was lucky - and it must have been lucky because we’ve been married for 60 years.”  

But even all those years ago Joe knew that Dianne Baum was the only one for him. 

“In those days all the guys and girls used to meet at Wicks in Argent Street and that’s where I met Dianne, and we’ve been together ever since,” he said.

“It was love at first sight, really.”

If love is the key to a long and happy marriage then the secret to Joe and Dianne’s success in business has been hard work.

The couple owned and operated a string of small businesses from the 1970s, beginning with the Orange Spot milk bar in Argent Street.

A clothing store in Oxide Street followed before the entrepreneurial pair opened the Tramway Cafe at the newly-built Westside Plaza.  

Dianne had stint as a security officer at Big W before opening yet another business: a Kleins jewellery store in the plaza.

Meanwhile, Joe continued to working on the mines where he drove electric locomotives for 41 years while helping out behind the scenes at each business.

“He would slice all our meats and anything manual that had to be done, he did,” Dianne said.

The couple have used the proceeds from their various business ventures to travel the world. 

“So we’ve been around a bit but we’ve worked hard for it,” Dianne said.

The couple are spending their anniversary in Adelaide at the home of one of their five children, who have given Dianne and Joe 11 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

They said they couldn’t wait to celebrate their big day with their “wonderful, loving and caring children and all their families”.

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