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Blessing from the Stars

Tuesday, 29th April, 2014

It was a white wedding with a sci-fi twist for Tom Jovanovic and his bride, Airlie Smith. It was a white wedding with a sci-fi twist for Tom Jovanovic and his bride, Airlie Smith.

By By Erica Visser

Not many brides can say Darth Vader walked them down the aisle and Star Trek actor William Shatner wished them well.

But Airlie Jovanovic, nee Smith, can after marrying her partner Tom at the weekend.

The bride walked down the aisle to the booming sound of Darth Vader’s theme song, the Imperial March, in front of 160 guests.

Airlie was flanked by Darth Vader and two Imperial Guards.

The wedding was held at Video Ezy in Argent Street, where the couple first met.

“One of my friends is the manager there and we actually asked him on April Fools’ Day without realising, so he thought we were joking,” Tom said.

“A couple of weeks later we were like, ‘Okay, how are we going to do this?’ and he was like, ‘What?’”

Airlie, an avid sci-fi fan, managed not to cry during the ceremony.

But a huge surprise from Tom “broke the dam”.

The groom had contacted Star Trek’s William Shatner six months prior asking him to record a personal message to be played on the night.

“I got it two weeks before the wedding,” Tom said.

“I did it by talking through his people. He’s never actually done anything like that before.”

Airlie said that Shatner’s personalised video was an “absolute shock”.

“I just thought Tomo had assembled some photos from the day and it had the Star Trek theme to it,” Airlie said.

“But when (Shatner) actually addressed us, he said ‘Hello Tomo and Airlie in Broken Hill Australia’, it just kind of broke the dam and everything came flooding out.

“It was a special thing to me because when I was a little fella me and my father would watch sci-fi movies together.”

But that wasn’t all that was special about the wedding.

Many of Tom’s family travelled from Montenegro, in southeastern Europe, to attend the special event and other guest came from as far as Germany.

“It was very multicultural. We had translators,” Airlie said.

“A lot of Tomo’s relatives still speak the old language, so does he.”

But Airlie said that any language barriers between guests were overcome by traditional Yugoslav music.

“Once the music came on, all the Yugoslav ladies got up, started dancing and having fun and then a lot of the Australian guests joined in and everyone was dancing, hugging and singing.”

To top it off, Tom’s LED wedding band was a replica of the Green Latern ring. 

The couple thanked everyone who helped make their day a special one. 

“We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the day happen,” Tom said.

“Without every single one of them, it wouldn’t have been what it was.”

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