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Seniors lose phone service

Tuesday, 6th May, 2014

By Nick Gibbs

Many seniors throughout Broken Hill have been left without internet and phone services after a popular communications provider went into administration on Friday.

Speaking to the BDT yesterday, local resident Barry Gresham said he hadn’t been able to use his home phone or broadband services since the weekend.

Mr Gresham, who is a customer of ONEseniors, confirmed the issue was not isolated.

“I’ve been talking to other seniors in Broken Hill who are having problems,” he said.

After having no success getting through to the company’s listed phone number, Mr Gresham only became aware of the legal issue when he visited the BDT.

According to a post on the ONEseniors Facebook page on Saturday, the problem was cuased by a fault with a supplier.

“As a result of our supplier not being able to fulfil their obligations to supply services to ONEseniors, we have appointed administrators to assist with procuring new services to ONEseniors,” it stated.

“It is deeply regretful that this has occurred to our members and ONEseniors business, who have supplied the best of services and prices for those over 55.” 

The post closes by reassuring customers of continual updates via Facebook and email, despite the majority of them having no access to the internet.

According to its website, the issues were not affecting all aspects of the business.

“Not all services have been affected, in part due to our supply arrangement with another company. As such mobile has not been affected which we have managed directly,” it states. 

Upon learning of the company’s situation, Mr Gresham felt customers should have been warned that an outage was possible before services were cut off.

“With an outfit the size of ONEseniors, I would have thought there might have been a transition period,” he said. 

“From a personal point of view, we have family overseas and volunteer with a number of organisations so if we don’t have communication with these people something may happen without us knowing.”

In an updated post yesterday, ONEseniors could not give an indication of when services might be restored.

“At this moment in time, we are not able to give you a time frame on when services might be restored, but we hope that a resolution will be reached quickly so that services can be restored as quickly as possible,” it stated.

“Thank you for your patience at this time, we understand that this is frustrating for you but we do not have any additional information at this point in time. We will endeavour to update you again as soon as we hear more.”

Attempts to contact the company via the phone number provided on its website were met with a recorded message stating the number dialled was either busy or had not been answered, and to continue trying.

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