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Teacher delights in change

Wednesday, 7th May, 2014

New teacher Kate Smith (left) has joined Cian Jones at Alesco Learning Centre. New teacher Kate Smith (left) has joined Cian Jones at Alesco Learning Centre.

By Nick Gibbs

The Robinson College’s Alesco Learning Centre has welcomed a new staff member who arrived in the city last week after a previous appointment in Salisbury, South Australia.  

Kate Smith, who joins fellow teacher Cian Jones and Principal Anthony Tidball, said she was already enjoying the structure of the alternative learning environment.

“It’s good having smaller classes. There is more of a focus on one-on-one learning,” she said.

“It gives you the opportunity to build relationships with the students.”

Mr Tidball said the new appointment would allow the school to continue its commitment to individual attention and was pleased with the results achieved in the previous term.

Students recorded an overall pass rate of 75 per cent, which he described as a big improvement considering just two of the current class had been passing before joining the school.

“We give the kids a second chance,” he said.

Ms Jones, who joined Alesco after teaching in a conventional high school, said she had noticed a difference between the two structures.

“Less students and more one-on-one time really, really improves school work and behaviour,” she said. 

The learning centre caters for students in year’s 9 and 10 and has capacity for six more class members.

Graduates leave with the same qualifications as their peers and, depending on their goals, may go into TAFE courses, apprenticeships or continuing to study years 11 and 12.

More information is available from Mr Tidball on 08 8087 6022.

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