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Seniors’ telco struggling

Thursday, 8th May, 2014

By Nick Gibbs

Steps have been taken toward a resolution for ONEseniors customers after phone and internet communication was disconnected last Friday but there is “no guarantee” all services will return to normal.

The company was officially taken over by Sydney firm Vocus Communications yesterday as part of the acquisition of iBOSS International and One Telecom, of which ONEseniors is a subsidiary.

A spokesman for administrator Ferrier Hodgson said it had worked over the weekend to officiate the sale, with contacts being signed yesterday morning. 

News of the takeover came on the ONEseniors Facebook page and a statement on the Vocus website by CEO James Spenceley.

“We are only now beginning to unravel the complex ownership and supply relationships previously in place,”  he said.

“The disconnection of tens of thousands of retail customers is a blight on an otherwise strong and competitive telecommunications industry.” 

According to Mr Spenceley, the decision to go through the administration process follows court proceedings to resolve personal disputes between the owners, resulting in a worst-case outcome for customers.  

The statement claimed Vocus “has worked tirelessly to expedite restoring services to as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible.” 

It did not say when services would be restored and stated “there is no guarantee all services can be reactivated.” 

A Facebook post on the ONEseniors’ page published on behalf of Vocus confirmed customers who broke their contract and signed up to a new provider would not suffer any penalties.

It also included details of a hotline that can be contacted on 133 001 for further updates.

Attempts to contact the 

number yesterday were met with a message stating lines were extremely busy and to either refer to the Facebook page or try again later.

Broken Hill seniors who subscribe to the service described feeling frustrated after days of being without their internet and phone.

For local resident, Barry Gresham, the wait has been too long and he has switched to Telstra.

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