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South too strong in the wet

Monday, 31st May, 2010

Mark Purcell breaks a tackle in Saturday's game against North. Mark Purcell breaks a tackle in Saturday's game against North.

South attacked strongly from the start, and the Bulldogs found it hard to counteract the run and tenacity of the young and enthusiastic Roos.
Heath Caldwell and Cody Schorn were power houses for the red and whites, Caldwell especially with many hard ball wins, quick thinking and evasion and excellent disposal.
North's dangerous forward Chris Billings was making position for his centre ball winners in Brett Johnson and Jayden Kelly but South's defence held strong led by Thomas Derham, Marcus O'Brien and his brother Simon.
South kicked five goals in the first quarter, two to Cody Schorn and one each to Heath Caldwell, Mark Purcell, and Jayson Higgins.
It was their abundance of run and direct kicking which troubled the Bulldogs, who were goalless at the first quarter break.
South held a 32-point lead as North tried to lift with Johnson, Schipanski, Henderson and Kelly trying hard to win the ball out of centre.
Heath Caldwell continued to get leather poisoning kicking two goals, and Mackney one.
Chris Billing kicked a 50 metre goal from the scoreboard pocket, North's only goal for the quarter, and they went into the rooms with South holding a 39-point lead.
It was Jayden Kelly, Wes Burton and Brett Johnson keeping North from a further deficit, and one has to mention the efforts of North full back Luke Reynolds. His tenacity and endeavour certainly didn't go unnoticed.
It was catch-up football now for the Bulldogs and they had their backs to the wall.
In the second half North lifted and kicked three quick goals. Kelly, Clare and Henderson were the contributors. Henderson seemed to shake the shackles put on by Degoumois.
Jayden Kelly was the instigator of North's revival but they found it hard to close the gap with South replying with two goals.
The weather continued to trouble the players of both team, as kicking and finding a target were hard to meet.
North kicked a goal through Anthony Henderson, and the dogged Bulldog defence led by Luke Reynolds and Tobias Hack kept South from scoring a goal.
It was South's early lead which North found hard to peg back. Both teams had standout players in Jayden Kelly for North and Heath Caldwell for South. The conditions didn't seem to concern these two skilled players.
Overall it was an entertaining match, fought out in hard conditions, with winter just around the corner; it was maybe a taste of things to come.
As mentioned, South got the jump on North and held it to win by 28 points.
Players to watch in coming years are Kyle Schipanski, Tobias Hack and Kurtis Bevan for North, and Cody Schorn, Riley Elliott and Aiden Pettitt for South.
South 5-3 7-6 9-7 9-8 (62)
North 0-1 1-3 4-4 5-4 (34)
Best players:
South - H Caldwell, C Schorn, B Degoumois, D Stephens, S O'Brien, M O'Brien.
North - J Kelly, W Burton, B Johnson, L Reynolds, C Billings.
South - H Caldwell 2, C Schorn 2, J Higgins 2, M Purcell, M Mackney, R Elliott.  
North - A. Henderson 2, C Billings, B Clare, J Kelly.   
B Grade:
South 7-14 d North 2-4

* Marc Purcell breaks a tackle in Saturday's game against North.

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