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Premiere showcases local talent

Thursday, 29th May, 2014

“No Place for Weak” cast and crew (from left) Jason King, Markos Garcia, Andrew Spencer and Hannah Illingworth. “No Place for Weak” cast and crew (from left) Jason King, Markos Garcia, Andrew Spencer and Hannah Illingworth.

By Nick Gibbs

By Nick Gibbs

A young director’s dream of producing a short film with a small budget and featuring an almost exclusively local cast and crew will be realised on Friday night.

Markos Garcia, aka Augusto Mak, will premiere “No Place for Weak” at the Palace Hotel, a venue synonymous with Australian film.

It will be the first chance to see the finished product as the producer/director has kept his creation heavily under wraps, even from the actors and crew.

“I don’t like to show the film before the premiere - I want to see the reactions on their faces,” Augusto said, explaining that he would try to go to the screening without expectations.

But he did admit to feeling some nerves.

“It’s your name and reputation on the line,” Augusto said.

He described the movie as an Australian Western with shooting techniques and post production work giving it an indie feel.   

Set largely in the Coburn Hotel and surrounding streets, the concept of the film was formed after Augusto arrived in Broken Hill with few contacts and little equipment.

But his infectious enthusiasm and the city’s thriving art scene soon resulted in young actors and crew volunteered to get the script off the page and in front of the camera.

The director of photography, Jason King of Broken Hill Productions, said the film tapped into the limitless potential of the region.

“There are so many great stories and locations. It’s a great step forward,”  he said.

“From what I’ve seen and the standard Markos has set for himself, I know it will be good.”

For actor Andrew Spencer, the prospect of viewing his performance for the first time was magnified as it will be shared with the public.

“I’m very nervous. I haven’t seen myself in production,” he said.

“No Place for Weak” is the self-taught performer’s second short film, and he hopes it might lead to consistent work in the industry.

The Art Exchange’s Hannah Illingworth, who along with Susan Thomas helped with storyboarding and graphic design, said the movie allowed local artists to connect with each other.

“It was good because there is a bit of a lack of coordination in the art scene,”  said Hannah.

Since the venture, several of those involved have found work on the “Strangerland” and “Last Cab to Darwin” films shot in the city.

Friday night’s festivities begin at 8pm with a performance by Keith Wilkinson-Reed.

Augusto invited everyone along for what will be one of very few chances to see the film before it hits the festival circuit.

What: “No Place for Weak” film premiere.
When: 8pm Friday
Where: The Palace Hotel.

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