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Drug info session

Thursday, 12th June, 2014

Residents will be able to learn more about the impact the drug methamphetamine is having locally at an information night being held next week.

Many local services will be represented at the evening which has been organised by the BH Community Drug Action team.

The group’s chairman, Margaret Lesjack, said yesterday it was partly a response to recent media coverage of the drug and “the connection to local crime and health”.

The use of methamphetamine, widely known as ‘ice’, has increased locally, according to authorities who are concerned about its impact.

The heavily-addictive drug is widely associated with violent and irrational behaviour among its users.

Last month the mother of a drug-addicted man told the BDT about her frustration at the lack of resources and compassion for families battling addiction.

The woman spoke of her son’s mental deterioration after taking a ‘hot shot’ of methamphetamine and his inability to get into rehab.

Ms Lesjack, a senior epidemiologist at the health service, said while there appeared to be a recent spike in the use of the drug, its connection with violent crime made it particularly “topical”.

She said next Tuesday’s information session at Liberty House was aimed at anyone wanting to know more about the problem.

It could also “dispel” any myths surrounding the drug or services available to users and their families.

“There will be representatives from the Broken Hill Health Service covering drug and alcohol services, psychiatry, midwifery as well as a local pharmacist, Maari Ma Aboriginal Health and the local police.

“The speakers will give a short talk on how ‘ice’ affects people, the service they provide and the people they see, and what information and support they offer their clients and family.”

Ms Lesjack said people who attended would also get the opportunity to ask questions of the panel and collect written information on ‘ice’ as well as other drugs.

The session will run from 7pm-8:30pm at Liberty House.

“All interested community members are invited to attend. Tea and coffee will be available.

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