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PM history after one term

Saturday, 14th June, 2014

Senator Doug Cameron with Labor Party life member Stan Dineen at the BH Trades Hall yesterday. Senator Doug Cameron with Labor Party life member Stan Dineen at the BH Trades Hall yesterday.

By Nick Gibbs

Several of the Federal Budget’s more controversial measures will not pass through the Senate and Tony Abbott is likely to be a one term prime minster, according to Labor Senator Doug Cameron.

“It’s unusual to have a one term government, but I have to say, this government could be a one term government,” he said as he addressed a crowd consisting of predominantly Labor Party members at the BH Trades Hall yesterday.   

“My view is Tony Abbott will be history and he deserves to be history.”

When asked what the chances of the more controversial measures passing through the senate, he said ‘none.’

The GP co-payment, higher education reform and welfare restrictions were listed as on particularly shaky ground.  

“Major parts of this budget won’t get through the Senate,” he said.

In Broken Hill, cuts to front line legal services and the potential privatisation of Australian Hearing, which has an office in the city, were listed as being damaging locally.  

Senator Cameron conceded party instability lead to its downfall in the previous election, but reassured members change had occurred.  

“It’s clearly different from what it was,” he said, believing the rank and file ballot reform introduced to elect leaders would prevent another blindside.

Discussion of specific budget measures accounted for most of the meeting as Senator Cameron felt the Coalition had struggled to explain its detail.

“(Social Services Minster) Kevin Andrews doesn’t even know his own budget,” he said.

“Joe Hockey is floundering with selling this budget.”

He believed the current PM had come to power based on “lies and deceit”, and was particularly critical of what he described as a false attempt by Mr Abbott to look like ‘a friend of the worker.’

“One day he was a baker, the next he was a candlestick maker,” he said describing Liberal’s election campaign.  

“Tony Abbott has never been a friend of the worker.”

Senator Cameron followed yesterday’s meeting with a guest appearance at the Alma Hotel for the inaugural ‘Politics in the Pub,’ a monthly event focusing on a range of social issues.

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