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Evitt's Golden Anniversary

Friday, 4th June, 2010

Christine and Brian Evitts Christine and Brian Evitts

A local couple who met 54 years ago at school are today celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
Brian Evitts and Christine Smith met and starting dating while they were both at the Broken Hill High School.
“It was my good looks that attracted her,” Mr Evitts said.
Four years later they were married at the Methodist Church when he was 20 and she was 18.
“One of us fainted three times, and it wasn’t me,” laughed Mrs Evitts.
The couple have two children, Cindy and Brett.
They also have seven grandchildren; Rock, Rhiannon, Siobhan, Brayden, Lyndall, Casey and Luke.
“They are the highlight of our life at the moment, and we are not wealthy people, but our wealth is our family, they are our
riches,” Mrs Evitts said.
“We are currently following one of our grandchildren on Facebook as they travel the world.”
Brian and Christine also revealed the secret to such a lasting relationship.

“We have never had an argument, but we do debate a lot, and she always wins,” Mr Evitts said.
Mrs Evitts recently retired from the Correctional Centre after
16 years of service, has achieved a University degree in the Bachelor of Adult and Vocational education, and is now working
at Robinson College teaching numeracy and literacy.
Mr and Mrs Evitts also said that they treat every day as their last, after Mr Evitts suffered a severe heart attack while driving
a bus which crashed into Willyama High School two years ago.
The couple will be having an open house on Sunday starting at 11 o’clock.

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