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Payouts on the way as Shorty winds up

Tuesday, 24th June, 2014

By By Erica Visser

 City Council will fork out $810,000 in redundancy payments to staff employed at Shorty O’Neil Village.

The redundancies would be a once off-payment to staff.

Chief Financial Officer Sharon Hutch said that Council would make back the money within the year following the village’s projected closure in March 2016. 

The operational costs of the village sat at $1.2 million for last financial year.

All bar three of the remaining staff at the aged care facility will finish their employment on Monday, June 30.

The three remaining positions would be an activities and support officer, a nurse and an administration coordinator.

Council is expected to fill the gap in service using home care workers during business hours.

The BDT has viewed a confidential report that suggests a live-in caretaker be employed to replace two afternoon shifts and two night shifts.

The caretaker would be responsible for gardening and basic maintenance during the day.

But from 8pm until 8am, they would respond to emergency callouts from residents.  

When asked how the village would be staffed from July, Council provided the following statement:

“Staffing levels have been reviewed in line with current practices and the level of care that the residents require over a 24-hour period.

“Suitably qualified aged-care providers, including Council aged care staff, have been engaged and will commence from 1 July.”

The Town Employees’ Union (TEU) claims that Council has failed to engage in consultation about the staffing changes. 

The TEU represents Shorty O’Neil staff and the home care workers who are expected to fill in the gaps.

“There’s been no consultation on how the village will be staffed from July 1,” said TEU Secretary Rosslyn Ferry. 

“I don’t believe (Council’s) proposals for the transitional period have given consideration to appropriate service delivery.”

Ms Ferry remains opposed to the village’s closure and had pushed for staff to continue working until the last resident has moved out.

The Federal Government this month imposed sanctions on the village after it was found to have not met the required standards for aged care.

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