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‘Drink spike’ victim’s horror night on town

Monday, 30th June, 2014

A local woman claims her drink may have been spiked by the date rape drug Rohypnol recently.

Last Saturday week the woman had a couple of drinks at home before going to one of the local clubs with a friend.

“We bought a couple of drinks, danced, and began to have a good time,” she said.

“At one stage my friend was talking to a man she knew, who also bought us a drink which we decided to leave on the table with these males, and other people around.

“We finished the drinks after we danced, and continued to mingle and dance some more, until I found myself being extremely out of it.”

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she was asked to go on stage and accepted which was out of character “as I get embarrassed easily”.

“Usually, I am fun and happy when I go out, and like to stay out late. But as I have been told by friends and family who were with me, I even agreed to leaving a club early.

“I had walked down the street and was made to sit down as I couldn’t even walk properly and caught a taxi home with (friends).”

When she got home, she was unable to talk properly and felt hot all over.

“I was also extremely sick and vomiting,” she said.

“I vaguely remember waking up at 6:30 throwing up again in the bucket by my bed, this time I know I was up because I had made phone calls on my phone at the time, and don’t even remember them.

“I cannot remember a thing, no flashbacks - absolutely nothing. I woke up at 12pm Sunday feeling really strange, I got up and was so dizzy and hot.

“I had a red rash all over my neck and arms, I felt like I was on fire.”

The woman and her mother went to the hospital. She was advised by a nurse to have blood tests and an electrocardiogram as she had a heart condition.

“We finally got to see the doctor, I let mum do most of the talking because I didn’t know anyway, and I couldn’t think properly, she said we wanted blood test done but the doctor told us we shouldn’t get them done, as it is quite clear that I had my drink spiked.”

The doctor advised the woman it was possible she had been given Rohypnol - as it can cause memory loss.

The woman has been to the police station as well as the clubs to watch CCTV footage.

“I am so lucky that I had responsible and caring friends and family with me, because this could have been a lot worse, and if I had gone off on my own, who knows what could have happened.”

A spokesman for the Far West Local Health District said treatment is determined by the on-duty clinician.

“Pathology tests are conducted to support diagnosis and monitoring of treatment. They are not carried out when it is determined they are not going to inform treatment,” he said.

Local Australian Hotels Association delegate Dean Trengove said incidents of drink spiking in Broken Hill were rare.

“In my experience, I am not aware of any incident here (Mulga Hill Tavern) or anywhere else,” he said.

“There are some cases where drinks could be spiked by excessive alcohol.

“But if people ask for a double shot or an extra shot, they are told no.”

Mr Trengove said new restrictions discourage selling any drinks designed for rapid consumption.

“If people are out, they should be wary of their drinks, don’t leave drinks and don’t accept drinks off of people you are unsure of,” he said.

“Frequent venues that are renowned for safety.”

According to the Police NSW Media site, the drug most commonly used to spike drinks is alcohol.

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