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Girl shortage puts ball in jeopardy

Thursday, 10th June, 2010

* Mayor Wincen Cuy would like to see more girls make their debut at the Civic Ball. * Mayor Wincen Cuy would like to see more girls make their debut at the Civic Ball.

The Civic Ball might be cancelled if more girls wishing to make their debut do not take part.

Planning has started for the 2010 Civic Ball which is scheduled to be held at the Entertainment Centre on September 3.
However unless the required number of girls, a minimum of eight, apply then the ball will not go ahead.
"The Civic Ball is a prestigious event...it would be an absolute disappointment to have it cancelled," said Mayor Wincen Cuy.
Mayor Cuy said that having more girls would create a better atmosphere and that he strongly encouraged more to come forward.
He said there was a lot that goes into being a debutante and that it was something the girls can "look back on and be glad they had done it".
Jusara Caple, a student at Broken Hill High School, hopes to make her debut at the ball and is encouraging other to put their names down.
Jusara said she had wanted to be in a debutante ball ever since she started high school but had not had the chance.
The Civic Ball will be her last chance to become a debutante, she said.
"It's a shame the community can't get behind this event... it may jeopardise future Civic Balls," she said.
Jusara said if girls were interested they should put their names down and see what was involved, because it would be a very enjoyable experience.
Anyone wishing to be a debutante may contact Anne Bransdon at the City Council on 8080 3300.

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