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Shops praise new angle on parking

Wednesday, 3rd September, 2014

Red Robin Deli’s manager Louise Schofield and Warburton’s Butchers manager Noel Northage. Red Robin Deli’s manager Louise Schofield and Warburton’s Butchers manager Noel Northage.

Gypsum Street shop owners and staff say they are thrilled at City Council's decision to put 45-degree angle parking in front of the businesses.

In March, Red Robin Deli owner Gary Werch had said that Council had told him in December that they were investigating the parking issue.

Mr Werch said it had only parallel parking which had become dangerous.

Up until last week, it was the only shopping precinct in Broken Hill not to have angle parking.

It was argued that storm water might be a problem but Mr Werch said that was irrelevant as customers did not park out front when it was raining.

So, last week Council painted the 45-degree angle parking lines in front of the businesses.

Traffic Committee member, Councillor Marion Browne, said it had been done at the request of the businesses "to meet growing trade needs and to prevent short-term
parking in Wills Lane by customers."

Overall, three extra spaces have been created.

"To also assist with traffic flow and parking in the vicinity, a loading zone has been designated in Wills Lane between Bismuth Street and Gypsum Street," Clr Browne said.

"One way traffic arrangements have been introduced to discourage parking in Wills Lane and reduce congestion during peak periods," she said.

Red Robin Deli's manager Louise Schofield it was fantastic to see more parking for the precinct.

"Ever since it's been changed, our business has been flat out, especially yesterday and today," she said.

"I'm not sure if the weather had anything to do with it.

"We are loving it - a big thank you to City Council."

Ms Schofield said there was now almost double the parking space.

"It has increased safety. I think it will stop hoons speeding around the corner.

"It is a very busy intersection and I think it will slow people down.

"It has been really positive. People who wouldn't normally stop due to lack of parking are now coming in."

Warburton's Butchers manager Noel Northage said the business had also noticed an increased in trade.

"We've had a lot of comments about the parking," he said.

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