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Gas leak scare

Tuesday, 9th September, 2014

Firefighters checking for a gas leak yesterday. Firefighters checking for a gas leak yesterday.

By Emily Roberts

Firefighters called to the Shell Memorial Service Station yesterday found a large amount of gas leaking from a car.

Station Officer Matt Hunter said the car owner had just finished filling up his car with LPG when he heard the leak about 11.30am.

The car was then pushed onto the road, away from the service station.

"When we attended, there was a large quantity of gas coming out of the car," SO Hunter said.

"We used a hose line to try and disperse the gas. We also tried to isolate the gas cylinders.

"A person passing was able to help us partially isolate the system, then we drained the last of the gas."

SO Hunter said the cause of the gas leak appeared to be a mechanical failure.

"We fixed the leak, and checked the service station for any gas," SO Hunter said.

"We went into the building with a gas detector and once we saw there was no build up, the service station was re-opened."

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