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Hunter meets enemy

Monday, 22nd September, 2014

A promo shot of Steve Lee in the “Living with the Enemy” episode soon to air. A promo shot of Steve Lee in the “Living with the Enemy” episode soon to air.

By Michael Murphy

A provocative sixpart documentary series "exploring the fault lines of social cohesion" in Australia is set to star a former local who made his name as the man who likes guns.

Steve Lee became a YouTube sensation four years ago when he recorded a music video "I Like Guns" and uploaded it to YouTube.

The video, which has been viewed more than five million times, features the former local musician unloading a number of weapons, most notably a rocket launcher at a car wreck, to a catchy tune and creative lyrics.

Mr Lee will now be beamed into lounge rooms across the country as part of an SBS series called Living with the Enemy.

Each episode explores a different topic by asking people to live with others whose lifestyles and beliefs directly contradict their own.

The first episode kicked off earlier this month, and touched on the issue of the rights of gay Australians. Two gay activists locked horns with a conservative Anglican minister.

Mr Lee's turn in front of the camera, in the final episode, airs next month.

Steve, who owns nearly 300 guns thinks animals have a right to life and humans have the right to shoot them, while Felicity Anderson is a vegan and an animal liberationist.

Steve spends the first half of the show on a duck-hunting protest and meeting animals that Felicity has "liberated" from battery farms.

The second half takes place at Steve's in central western NSW where Felicity goes on her first-ever pig hunt with Robert Borsak, head of the NSW Shooters and Fishers Party.

"It was interesting to say the least to see somebody whose approach to animals is complete love and tolerance," said Mr Lee, who became a grandfather for the first time last week.

"They believe we are equal with animals, which is hard for me as a hunter," he said.

The five-day shoot in Melbourne with animal liberationists was intense.

"I suppose more than anything, it concreted my opinion that animal liberationists are very extreme in their views.

"Veganism is more of religion than a lifestyle."

Mr Lee, who moved with his musical family to Parkes about eight years ago, owns a farm, operates a paintball business, tours the world as a hunting activist, and even
runs a "I Like Guns" hunting tour in Cambodia once a year.

"Are hunters blood-thirsty, serial-killing, gun nuts?" the promo for the episode asks.

"Or are they outdoors people with a deep, abiding love for the bush who help keep wildlife in check and eradicate pests?"

You can find out at 8.30pm Wednesday, October 8 on SBS ONE.

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