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Pet dies after being bashed

Monday, 29th September, 2014

A CCTV image of the youth abducting Charlie the goat. A CCTV image of the youth abducting Charlie the goat.

By Michael Murphy

The abduction, bashing and ultimate death of a family pet in the city at the weekend has sparked community outrage.

The net is closing on the youths responsible after a social media campaign on Facebook yielded hundreds of responses.

Mother of two Ella Willadsen didn't notice their pet goat Charlie was missing until she went to feed him about 11.30am on Saturday.

After fearing for the family pet, she posted a message about him on Facebook.

She received a phone call about half an hour later from a woman whose partner works at the RSPCA.

The owner of a home in Oxide Street, not far from the Mulga Hill Tavern, found Charlie dumped in their front yard, still alive but in a bad state.

Ms Willadsen said the RPSCA picked up the goat, examined him and had to put him down because his leg was so badly damaged.

"It's upsetting," said Ms Willadsen, who has a daughter, 6, and a son, 3.

"The kids are distraught after hearing about what happened. They are too scared to go outside."

The family had Charlie for about a year after friends on a property gave him to them. He was a good-natured animal, which unfortunately probably contributed to his death.

"He always went to up to passersby for a pat, he even had a few regulars," Ms Willadsen said. "A lady with a couple of dogs would always say hi and give him a pat."

Ms Willadsen has security cameras surveilling her Williams Street property and reviewed the footage from Friday night and early Saturday morning.

She said three youths - two girls and an older boy - aged between 13 and 16 years were at the front of the property for a short time talking before they left.

One of the girls, who had a big backpack, and the taller boy with a baseball cap returned just after 12.30am. Both were wearing dark clothes.

Ms Willadsen said Charlie went up to the fence for a pat.

"The taller one opened the gate and walked in the yard and grabbed Charlie and was just flipping him about," she said.

"He was tossing him, and he then walked straight out the gate.

"It was lucky my bigger dogs were locked up the back or they wouldn't be here today.

"They just walked off with him legs in the air kicking about."

Ms Willadsen posted screen shots of the attack on Facebook on Saturday night and was overwhelmed by the response.

She had to put her phone on "silent" after receiving more than 50 messages and hundreds of notifications from people posting messages of support for her family, and messages of disgust about the perpetrators.

Police were yesterday investigating the incident, but Ms Willadsen already had one good lead from a club worker who was driving home about the time of the incident.

That person told her he spotted the youths in the area, and knew who they were because they often walked past his house.

He was going to find out their names and report back to her.

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