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Goat’s head skewered in sickening attack

Tuesday, 30th September, 2014

By Michael Murphy

Two men were laughing as they drove off leaving a goat standing with an arrow protruding from its head in Wills Street on Sunday, according to one witness.

The afternoon attack near the sewerage works was the second act of cruelty on goats in the city in as many days.

In the first incident, a pet goat was stolen from the front yard of a Williams Street house on Saturday morning and then dumped, injured, in another yard in Oxide Street. The RSPCA had to put down the goat because of its injuries.

Robert Kemp was the first to arrive on the scene of the second attack and report the matter to police.

He told the BDT he was going to the rubbish tip with a mate about 1.30pm when he saw goats on the side of the road near the sewerage works.

Mr Kemp passed them in his car and then noticed a white, early model Holden ute in front of him do a u-turn and drive back toward them.

He thought nothing of it and went into the tip and dumped his rubbish.

But when he came back out he noticed the ute with the two men in it, driving toward him.

He said the two men were laughing.

"As they passed, the goat was standing on the edge of the road with the arrow hanging out," Mr Kemp said.

"One was through its eye, and the other one was in its side."

Mr Kemp said he immediately called the police and waited for them to arrive.

"It's pretty appalling, especially on that bit of road. There were people going to the dump all day.

"As soon as we pulled up, other people pulled up with kids in their cars ... not very pleasant for the little ones."

He said when police arrived there wasn't much they could do to help the animal, so they herded it into the regeneration area, away from the road, and shot it.

Acting Crime Manager Matt McCarthy said police were investigating the matter and wanted to speak with the two men in the white ute.

He said a bow was used to fire the arrows, not a crossbow. Police were also still investigating the theft of pet goat Charlie from the Williams Street home early Saturday morning.

Both sickening incidents have caused public outrage. Hundreds of people have voiced their disgust on Facebook where photos and CCTV footage of the attacks have been posted.

The RSPCA was investigating both incidents and was expected to comment about them today.

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