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Upgrade for soccer complex

Tuesday, 30th September, 2014

Players will soon enjoy improved ground conditions with two soccer fields set to be re-seeded. Players will soon enjoy improved ground conditions with two soccer fields set to be re-seeded.

By Ethan James

The O'Neill Soccer Park is set for a facelift in the coming months, with the Broken Hill Soccer Association committing to a number of development projects.

The BHSA plans to level, fertilise and re-seed the two fields, install heaters and new goals and construct a licensed spectator's area in the off season.

President Tom Kennedy said improvements to the playing surface in particular were long overdue.

"It was becoming an issue of player safety," he said.

"The pot holes and divots can become dangerous for your knees and ankles when you're running along.

"Also, it was making for bad soccer... the ball was often jumping all over the place, which really does affect the quality of the game."

Kennedy said 500 tonnes of loam would be used to even out the top and bottom fields.

A tractor sprinkler system has also been purchased to supplement the underground watering system, which Kennedy says has been hit and miss since being installed a few years ago.

"We've had water issues which haven't helped.

"Some areas were getting too much water and some not enough."

New box-shaped goals will also be erected, and six heaters will be placed in the stands.

A 10x11 metre enclosed functions area is set to be constructed at the courtyard end of the top field.

"It will have a glass front window and we're looking to obtain a license for the area," Kennedy said.

"Clubs and anyone who is interested will be able to use it or hire it for functions and other events."

It is believed the developments will cost the BHSA more than $50,000, most of which comes from the association's funds.

"Everything will be done by the start of next season which will leave the board to focus on developing the game," Kennedy said.

"We're focused on creating a more social environment for soccer and encouraging more people to play."

The work is expected to start in October.

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