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The dangers of drink

Wednesday, 23rd June, 2010

* Guest Speaker Chris Raine at the forum. * Guest Speaker Chris Raine at the forum.

Year 10 and 11 students
have been shown the effects
of excessive drinking
during a two-day forum
held as part of National
Drug Action Week.
Local students as
well as students from
Wilcannia, Menindee
and Ivanhoe attended the
forum conducted by the
Community Drug Action
Team (CDAT) on Monday
and yesterday.
One activity involved
students wearing “beer
goggles,” and trying to
manoevure around cones
while holding a tray of
The beer goggles show
the students what drinking
does to their motor skills
and balance.
“It simulates the
intoxication level in six
different levels,” said
the secretary of CDAT,
Geraldine Kaczmarek.
Guest speaker Chris
Raine is the creator of a
blog titled “Hello Sunday
The blog detailed how
Mr Raine stopped drinking
for 12 months and the good
things he got out of it.
“The forum is aimed at
educating and increasing
awareness of the dangers
of excessive drug and
alcohol use and harm
minimisation,” said
CDAT chairman Scott
“This year we will pay
particular attention to
encouraging young people
to look at the alternatives
in lifestyle.
“This will complement
Chris Raine’s Hello
Sunday Morning project,
what could we be doing
on our Sunday mornings
instead of lying in bed
or lounging around with
a hangover, what are the
alternatives on a Saturday
night and what role can
the community play in all
“These are just some of
the challenging questions
that will be put to our
young participants.”
Close to 400 students
attended the forum.

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