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Hurt and angry

Tuesday, 16th February, 2010

* The Silverlea Early Childhood Service which was vandalised Sunday night. * The Silverlea Early Childhood Service which was vandalised Sunday night.

Businesses across the city were left to pick up the pieces after an attack by vandals over the weekend. Silverlea Early Childhood Services, which is soon to celebrate 50 years service to the community, received no consideration for its good work with an attack on Sunday night that left playground equipment, lights, a pergola and garden all damaged.

The vandalism spree has forced the centre to close for two days to restore order. Centre director Lesley Harvey said the atttack was frustrating and hurtful. The vandalists cut electrical wiring and smashed lights, leaving glass on the ground, one of the shade sails was also cut and the walls on the centre and the building next door were graffitied.

Ms Harvey estimated the cost of damage at about $5000. "We don't have $5000," she said.

Ms Harvey said it had left everyone "hurt and angry". "We're trying to create a nice home environment and make it friendly for the kids.

"This centre belongs to the families and kids, the kids take pride in the centre." Wayne Lee Blinds was also attacked Sunday night, the vandals smashing a plate-glass window with a rock. Business owner Mr Wayne Lee said he was "annoyed" at the damage caused.

"An employee rang me and told me this morning," he said. "I'm going to have to replace the window." It will cost Mr Lee about $1000 to replace what was his "largest window" in the shop. Mr Lee was thankful it was only one window that was damaged.

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