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We want the Darling to flow again: MP

Monday, 15th December, 2014

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham touched down in the city yesterday to begin an outback tour and hear the concerns of locals. Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham touched down in the city yesterday to begin an outback tour and hear the concerns of locals.

By Darrin Manuel

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham will step up his fight for the region’s waterways today with a tour of Broken Hill and Wilcannia.

It is Mr Buckingham’s second visit to the city in as many months and will be used to talk with community and Aboriginal groups, and announce Greens party policies.

Mr Buckingham said he would use Sydney’s ABC and newspapers to ensure the plight of the Darling and Menindee would become better known across NSW.

“We made a commitment when we came out here last time to keep up pressure on this issue, so we’re happy to be bringing out Sydney media to get some statewide focus on this issue,” he said.

“We’ll talk about solutions with community groups, and keep pressure on (Water Minister) Kevin Humphries and the government to come up with solutions immediately.”

A public meeting tonight at the Musicians’ Club will double as an opportunity for the Greens to gather information and feedback on the river system, and also outline the direction of the party.

“We’ll be making policy announcements tomorrow on how we can provide a more sustainable future for the Darling River, and continue talk with community about infrastructure solutions they’ve put on the table.”

Mr Buckingham said that only by meeting the public could politicians truly gain an understanding of local issues.

“It’s an absolute disgrace that Kevin Humphries is refusing to really sit down and talk with these community groups and turn up to these meetings, it’s an absolute shame.

“It’s important to the Greens that we understand how this river could work, why it’s not working properly, what are the infrastructure solutions, the management solutions ...

“I don’t know everything; I’m here to build my understanding and you do that by talking with council, community groups, Aboriginal people and farmers about what we need to do to make the Darling flow again.

“I love coming out to the outback and Broken Hill, the people are friendly, straightforward and honest, and I want to come out of here with an idea of how we can better manage one of the most important rivers in Australia.”

Mr Buckingham will meet with indigenous groups in Wilcannia today before holding the public meeting at the Musicians’ Club at 7pm.

He will then meet with local media and other community groups tomorrow before leaving in the afternoon.

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