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A big step forward

Tuesday, 16th December, 2014

A total of 37 Outback Taekwondo students passed grading at the weekend. A total of 37 Outback Taekwondo students passed grading at the weekend.

By Ethan James

Outback Taekwondo students were put to the test at the weekend and all passed with flying colours. 

A total of 37 students from the club undertook grading, with all progressing in rank.

Outback Taekwondo instructor Trever Kendell said he was exceptionally proud of the way his students performed.

“They did a fantastic job which is testament to their dedication,” he said. 

“We’ve got about 50 students at the club ... not all went for grading because some weren’t quite ready but the ones who did handled themselves really well.”

Kendell, 63, was himself successful in progressing to the rank of Third Dan. 

“I don’t want to sing my praises too much but I was quite pleased to achieve it at my age.”

Sixth Dan international taekwondo instructor and examiner Dan Hickey travelled from Adelaide for the grading. 

He held a workshop with students on Saturday before the official grading on Sunday.

“With the juniors we focused on sparring and individual techniques, as well as body movements and how to read the other person,” he said.

“And with the black belts we were a little more technical.”

Hickey said taekwondo participation in Broken Hill was very impressive for a country town.

“There seems to be a real sense of community within the dojo and a real sense of belonging too.

“It was a long slog but all the kids paid attention and were very motivated.

“I think a lot of the credit should go to Trever for his approach to taekwondo and the way he applies himself to teaching.”

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