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Top job well deserved

Thursday, 15th January, 2015

Taylor Walker will captain the Crows for 2015. Taylor Walker will captain the Crows for 2015.

By Darrin Manuel

Taylor Walker’s appointment as captain of the Adelaide Crows yesterday has been met with jubilation from friends and former teammates.

It took Walker just 84 AFL games to prove he was the man for the top job, and the news of his elevation was welcomed by colleagues back home.

He now becomes the Crows’ seventh captain since they entered the competition in 1991, and the first local to captain a club at AFL level.

His old mates at the North Football Club are understandably ecstatic, with Bulldogs president Ben Victory conveying the best wishes of all at the club.

“It was great to wake up to the news that Taylor has been appointed captain of the Crows,” he said.

“We’re really happy for him, he really deserves it with the amount of work he’s done to get where he has.

“You can see he leads with his actions and dedication, and I think he’ll be a fantastic captain.”

Meanwhile Walker’s mentor and development coach throughout his junior years, Dale Tonkin, predicted that the 24 year-old would be a perfect fit for the leadership role.

The two still talk regularly, and Mr Tonkin said he was certain Walker was ready for the added responsibility.

“From where I sit it’s a really proud moment for him and his family, he’s a born leader,” he said.

“I think the strength in his leadership will come from his actions and his ability to bring others into the game.

“And obviously he’s got a very astute footy brain, he knows what’s going on on the field.

“At the end of the day he’s an inspiration for young ones striving to achieve, and live their dreams, and not just in football.

“Growing up he probably did dream that one day he’d captain the Crows, but at the time he probably never thought it would happen.”

Walker is no stranger to the spotlight that will come with the captaincy, having made headlines in 2011 for having a beer with his friends at the football.

But Tonkin said the perception of Walker as an overly relaxed or carefree character belied his serious approach to both his teammates and his club.

“He’s one hundred per cent serious, just the way he approaches his football is so professional,” he said.

“And that’s with everything; his preparation, his training, and just his understanding of others.

“That’s what makes him a good leader - he understands other players and knows how to motivate them.”

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