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“Extra special” attraction

Wednesday, 21st January, 2015

Environmental lawyer Simon Molesworth was a key player in the city’s heritage listing. Environmental lawyer Simon Molesworth was a key player in the city’s heritage listing.

By Andrew Robertson

Broken Hill can now expect to see an influx of international visitors in search of a “special experience”, according to Simon Molesworth. 

Mr Molesworth, executive chairman of the International National Trusts Organisation, said the city’s heritage listing would make it attractive to an entirely new market of traveller.

“Amongst the tourists of the world there are some people who want a special experience,” he said.

“They want to come to (somewhere) different, something that stands out from the pack.

“And by getting national heritage listing once and for all confirms that Broken Hill is extra special.”

Mr Molesworth came up with the idea of nominating the city for heritage listing with City Council’s heritage advisor Liz Vines and former manager Peter Oldsen.

The environmental lawyer said the city could suddenly become a must-see destination for people who hadnít previously heard of Broken Hill.

“There are people in the arts, cultural and history fields who travelled the world to see special places. 

“They just don’t want to go and just stay at another Hyatt or Hilton or Sheraton; they want to actually come and see something that ... tells a different story and stimulates them.

“That market is the largest growing n visitor market in the world.”    

Pleased the announcement has finally been made, Mr Molesworth said he would have preferred the drawn-out heritage listing process to have happened more quickly. 

“It was pretty frustrating at times. 

“I must have spoken to five federal ministers and numerous state ministers and so many officers of government departments over that time.

“And to know that within three years of our nomination it had ticked all the boxes ... so it’s a great thrill to have finally got there.”

He said there were also “interests in town” that had great concern with the listing and its impacts which “had to be worked through”.

Mr Molesworth confirmed Broken Hill could now attempt to claim even higher heritage status, with the next step world heritage listing. 

“I think there is a story here that’s so good that it could make it eligible for the next stage, but let’s celebrate national heritage and see what lies ahead,” he said.

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