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Cocky Corellas a tennis menace

Wednesday, 4th February, 2015

White line fever ... Peter Keenan inspects damage to the tennis courts. PICTURE: Emily Roberts White line fever ... Peter Keenan inspects damage to the tennis courts. PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Emily Roberts

The Tennis Club has some pesky spectators who are damaging the courts.

Broken Hill Tennis Association president Peter Keenan said the club was having trouble with Corellas.

“Cockies have been ripping up the courts for years,” Mr Keenan said.

“They went away last year, but they have come back with avengeance.”

Mr Keenan said the club put new “supergrass” down on the courts about nine years ago.

“Most of these courts have an estimated 12-year lifespan, but the cockies are giving us a hard time, ripping up the carpet.

“Our courts are made from synthetic supergrass. It could become a very dangerous hazard.”

He said some of the older courts had also been attacked and that he wasn’t sure what to do about the pesky birds.

“I have trouble shooing them away,” he said.

“Even when I go up to them, they don’t fly away.”

He said it was common for them to sit on the fences in the morning.

“I will come to the club on Sunday morning at about 6.30 - 6.45 and they will be all on the fences,” he said.

“They even sit on the nets.

“They are pulling up all the joins on all the courts.”

In the past, the birds haven’t been afraid to attack other parts of the club.

“They have eaten through the light cables and they even undo the bolts on the lights,” Mr Keenan said. “It’s a nuisance.”

He has even called Tennis NSW to ask for advice.

“I contacted Tennis NSW and they said lots of clubs are having this problem,” Mr Keenan said.

“Some clubs have put up ropes and place fake eagles on them to scare away the cockies.”

Mr Keenan said the cockies liked the white lines.

“Tennis NSW said clubs are putting in yellow lines in new courts because the birds like the white colour.”

The BDT has contacted the National Parks and Wildlife for a comment.

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