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South residents angry over lack of internet service

Tuesday, 10th February, 2015

By Emily Roberts

Some South residents are angry at being unable to obtain fast internet.

Vanessa Griffin, Kate Groves and Nick Pryor are three of many South residents who are angry at Telstra for being unable to provide ADSL internet.

“Where I am living, I have no ADSL coverage,” Vanessa said.

“My only option is for wireless internet which costs $105 for 15GB of data.

“It’s ridiculous, I have three high school children and they need to do everything online.

“This could impact my girl’s education.”

“Currently I have no data and I have to wait three weeks for my data to click over.”

Vanessa said she has contacted everyone to try and get help.

“I’ve rang the ACCC, Telstra and been to the local Telstra shop.

“When I spoke to Telstra, they told me to watch my tone and blamed me for wanting to live (in South Broken Hill).

Kate moved from Piper Street to Duff Street and started to have trouble with her internet.

“I had ADSL in Piper Street, but I can’t get it now and I’ve been forced into a wireless contract.

“The local Telstra shop have been great and very helpful.

“It’s just disgusting that I live two blocks from where I used to, and I can’t get ADSL.

“People get to have ADSL with 100GB of data and a home phone for a lower price than my wireless internet.”

Nick Pryor and his wife have just purchased a new home in South Broken Hill and have been told they can’t get ADSL.

“The bloke next door to me has it and my neighbour down the road,” he said.

“But I’ve been told they can’t supply it to us.

“We were offered satellite internet for $600 a month. I asked them does anyone actually get that package.

“An alternative provider said they could provide ADSL to us but it wouldn’t be as fast as Telstra’s.”

Vanessa said it was about getting internet at reasonable prices and fast speed.

“We just want what everyone else has and not have to pay excessive amounts to get it,” she said.

“Build what you have to build, so we can get adequate internet.”

Kate said it would help if Telstra offered alternatives.

“If they could match what other people are getting, it might be different,” she said.

Western NSW Area General Manager Scott Curtin said they aim to provide a good customer service.

“Providing a good customer experience is important to us,” Mr Curtin said.

“We have a ‘quality of services’ test in place so that when a customer requests a new ADSL connection we can ensure that we are able to provide a reliable service.

“ADSL availability is variable depending on the distance a customer is from the exchange or cabinet providing the service.

“Unfortunately, some residences in a small pocket of south Broken Hill are outside of that distance and we are unable to provide a service that meets the standards we require.

“As an alternative, Telstra offers wireless broadband solutions.”

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